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Hector's House was originally broadcast by the BBC in 1965, but is really remembered best from it's 70's heyday. Strangely, it is actually a French production. Hector the Dog and Zaza the Cat live in a house in the centre of a lovely garden full of flowers. Kiki the Frog lives next door and seems to spend her time spying on them over the garden wall, or sneaking through her access hole for some excitement. Kiki and Zaza often played tricks on Hector to teach him a lesson, leading him to say his catchphrase at the end of the episode, "I'm a Great Big (whatever he was) Old Hector". All sounds had to be removed from this site due to licensing issues. Sorry :-(

The beginning This was the start of the program, this is the second episode when Kiki is introduced. Notice the French title. I don't think Toutou is french for Hector though!

We now have a page dedicated to some Hector's House books and annuals.

Click here for some excellent pictures.3rd annual Hector the Gardener

Hector's voice was performed by Paul Bacon who sadly died in 1995. The voice of Kiki was by Denise Bryer, she also did Noddy's voice. The voice of ZsaZsa was by DolÚne Lucia, wikipedia link. (not Joanna Lumley, as most people think).

Hector The Dog himself.

Zsazsa The cute Zaza.

Kiki Kiki in her usual position, atop her ladder, looking over the wall.

Kiki coming through hole in the wall She normally comes into the garden via a large hole in the wall.

No cats allowed Kiki in Hector's shed, with a 'No Cats Allowed' sign in french.

Kiki stuck on a nail Kiki gets her lovely pink smock caught on a nail. This is in the second episode when Hector and Zaza first meet her.

Doing some gardening Hector and Zaza doing some gardening, their favourite pastime.

Waiting for Kiki Waiting for Kiki.

Talking Hector explaining something to Zaza.

Searching Hector searching for something.

Running to play a trick on Hector Kiki and Zaza running to play a trick on Hector.

Ouch! and Hector gets covered in thistles.

Getting them off then trying to get them off.

More gardening a bit more gardening!!!

pottering about near the shed pottering about near the shed.

kiki on ladder with Kiki on her ladder.

down on the ground back on firm ground.

normal hat Kiki wearing her normal hat. She works for the weather forecasting bureau when she's not in the garden.

another hat Kiki wearing another hat!

Hector being a waiter Hector playing at waiters.

dishing out the cakesDishing out the cakes.

Zsazsa gets one Zaza gets one.

and kiki and Kiki...

Zsazsa gets another Zaza gets another.

Hector still waitingHector is still waiting...

and finally. Hector finally gets one.

And finally The Ending...

The End Title

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