The Herbs

Parsley the Lion, Bayleaf the Gardener, Aunt Mint, Sir Basil, Lady Rosemary, Tarragon the Dragon, Constable Knapweed, Dill the Dog, Sage the Owl, Pashana Bedhi, Mr & Mrs Onion and the Chives.

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The door to The Herb's Garden.
The secret word to open the door was Herbidacious.

Parsley  Parsley the Lion  Parsley the Lion  Parsley the Lion  Parsley the Lion  Parsley the Lion
Parsley the Lion, the star of the show.

The Parsley Song.
I'm a very friendly lion called Parsley.
I am always very glad to see you wave.
But please don't shout or speak to me too harshly.
Because I'm not particularly brave.

The Herbs  The Herbs
The Herbs were denoted at the introduction with their planting signs.

The Theme Tune

Cherubs 1 Cherubs 2
The Cherubs were seen at the beginning.

Bayleaf the Gardener  Bayleaf the Gardener
Bayleaf the Gardener was in charge of the gardening and general handyman duties, here we see him putting up streamers for Parsley's birthday party.

Constable Knapweed
Constable Knapweed kept law and order in the garden and was often seen with his notebook out.

Dill the Dog  Dill the Dog  Dill the Dog
Dill the Dog was renowned for getting into mischief. He also has his own song.

Dill's Song.
I'm Dill the Dog,
I'm a Dog called Dill,
though my tail I'd love to get,
I've never caught it yet.

Sage the Owl
Sage the Owl in a party hat.

Sage's Song.
I'm a rather fat feathery owl called Sage,
I've been sitting here now for simply an age,
I'm ready and waiting to go to the treat,
and I'm hoping there will be plenty to eat.

Mr Onion  Mrs Onion  Chives
Mr Onion spent most of his time teaching the chives, Mrs Onion spent most of her time crying. There were 8 chives altogether.

A song about the Chives
Because there are so many chives,
all looking like each other,
it makes it even hard to tell,
a sister from a brother.

Pashana Bedhi  Tarragon the Dragon  Tarragon the Dragon
Pashan Bedhi the resident Asian who was either cooking curry, snake charming or sleeping on his bed of nails. Tarragon the Dragon was his friend who was always setting fire to things with his firey breath.

Good Morning Mr Parsley

Sir Basil  Sir Basil & Aunt Rosemary  Sir Basil & Aunt Rosemary
Sir Basil and Aunt Rosemary.

Aunt Jessop  Aunt Mint  Good King Henry  King Henry & Aunt Jessop
Aunt Jessop, Aunt Mint, Good King Henry and King Henry with Aunt Jessop.

The whole cast
The Whole Cast including Senor Solidago.

Ending Titles  Ending Titles  Ending Titles  Ending Titles  Ending Titles  Ending Titles
The Ending Credits.

It's not the end yet, I have a couple of Parsley the Lion books.

Popup book  Popup book 
Parsley Annual  Parsley Annual

I also own the entire Sugarlump Studio collection of The Herbs
(I also have Bayleaf the gardener which will be photographed later, he is extremely rare,
as he was only ever made as a prototype, only 6 or 7 exist in the world!)

Sugarlump Studio Collection.

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